Mapping Presidential Candidate Support Part 2: Nationwide

Zooming out, again.Due to the (relative) popularity of my last post on Presidential candidate support in PA, I’ve written a follow up. Using the same methods described in that post, I removed the location filter and generated a list of all donors to each candidate across the entire United States. The script combed through the […]

Talking Remote Sensing + 3D Prining at the 2015 ESRI UC

I’ll be giving at talk at the 2015 ESRI International User Conference as part of the 3D GIS Forum. It’s kind of a funny topic. We use imagery to derive 3D Models all the time. This particular talk will cover a case study of how we modeled, build and printed a full color, to-scale model […]

Histogram Stretch and You: a PSA on ArcMap Defaults

Below is an important public service announcement for all people using ArcGIS to view image files. This is probably the single most common question I get when I deliver imagery to clients.Have you ever been working with imagery in ArcMap and the colors just don’t match across image files? Have you ever spent a lot […]