Talking about Data Acquisition at Burlington County GIS Day

Burlington County GIS will be having their GIS Day celebration on November 2 at Rowan College at Burlington County. I’ve been invited to speak about aerial data acquisition and mapping. I’ll be covering Digital Acquisition, aerial triangulation, orthophoto production, and Aerial Lidar. The official flyer for the event is here. Register here. Here are the […]

Talking Oblique System Camera Calibration at IGTF 2016

I’ll be in Fort Worth, TX for the 2016 American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing’s annual conference, the Imaging & Geospatial Technology Forum (IGTF). I’ll be presenting a paper I’m co-author on: A Study on Oblique Camera Systems and the Stability of their Parameters. In it, we look at the methodology used to calculate […]

3D Visualization of the Grand Canyon with Potree

Last fall, Keystone Aerial Surveys flew a test flight over a branch of the Grand Canyon with their Ultracam Falcon Prime digital camera. I had the opportunity to play with the data a bit in post processing. I balanced the imagery, did the aerial triangulation and bundle adjustment on the block, and computed a 3D […]

Talking Remote Sensing + 3D Prining at the 2015 ESRI UC

I’ll be giving at talk at the 2015 ESRI International User Conference as part of the 3D GIS Forum. It’s kind of a funny topic. We use imagery to derive 3D Models all the time. This particular talk will cover a case study of how we modeled, build and printed a full color, to-scale model […]

Histogram Stretch and You: a PSA on ArcMap Defaults

Below is an important public service announcement for all people using ArcGIS to view image files. This is probably the single most common question I get when I deliver imagery to clients.Have you ever been working with imagery in ArcMap and the colors just don’t match across image files? Have you ever spent a lot […]